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Our Secret, your gain!

Our trading secrets lay in our developed software build by our team over the last 2 years. We have been able to opt the code and now delivering a safe and stable income to any who join. The system has well proven itself and ensuring the daily ratings hold.

No more watching the exchanges, glued eyes to the screen and making risky gambling on your own. Our BootTrader handle all for you.

The BootTrader is just one of our many products coming your way and we aim to be your main source of all coin products you will need no matter its exchange, trading or just a stable coin-wallet.

What you get!

BootTrader earning levels you can reach.

  • 1

    Level 1

    1.1% daily

  • 2

    Level 2

    1.3% daily

  • 3

    Level 3

    1.6% daily

  • 4

    Level 4

    1.9% daily

  • 5

    Level 5

    2.2% daily


Values shown in USD is the level equal to coin value.

* With no obligations or hidden fees.

Affiliate Program

Earn 5% referral commission on all your friends deposits.

Referring friends and family can be a good deal for you. With a 5% commission on any of theirs deposit you can easy make some more coins.

  • Automatic added referrals using your referral link.
  • Referral list and details in account.
  • Send pre-filled email referral invitation.
  • Referral banners material available.

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The sale of GRAILUM coin has started offered at only 20 cents per coin. Be ahead and buy your part of the future now.


Easy exchange between popular coins

  • Supporting 37 popular coins
  • Fast order delivery
  • No hidden Fees

Got some sleeping Coins?

Earn Annual 4.7% Interest extra income once a year on your coin wallet with our new wallet and exchange service supporting the most popular cryptocurrency used.